Introducing the powerful new standard called v18.
DSN Software is proud to offer this newest release of 5 distinct practice management software programs purpose-built for today’s most advanced OMS, Perio, Endo, Dental, and even multi-specialty practices. v18 is the next generation of today’s leading practice management software. It’s a new level of performance and stability engineered to take your practice into the future with industry-leading capabilities. v18 is designed to be the engine of the most advanced practices of today and tomorrow.
The software of-choice that works with all your software of-choice.
Today’s most advanced practices want the best of everything. Every component matters, from the members of your team to each of the tools you rely on. You’ll find practice management software from DSN Software is engineered with this critical insight in mind, integrating seamlessly with over 55 of the leading software providers for OMS, Perio, Endo, and Dental practices. More integration, not less. More choices, not fewer. Best, not better.
Software for the cloud-ready practice.
With v18, you can radically streamline workflow across your entire practice, no matter where you happen to be. With the cloud, your practice will have the power to assess potential drug interaction, monitor insurance eligibility, or track claims anywhere there’s Internet access. And no matter how large or complex the practice, once-tedious tasks like generating letters and keeping your team on track are now automatic. v18 is the new standard in anywhere-anytime access for a practice.
The fully-integrated payment solution.
It’s now easier to be safe than it is to be unprotected. Technology has progressed to the point where automation, encryption and tokenization aren’t just prudent, but significantly faster, more accurate, and more affordable. With integrated payment processing through Heartland Payment Systems, v18 offers Oral Surgeons, Periodontists, Endodontists, and Dentists the highest standards in payment processing available today.
About DSN Software
DSN Software is a privately-held software development company in Washington State that engineers 5 distinct practice management software solutions for today's most advanced dental practices and dental specialty practices: Dental-Exec®, Perio-Exec®, OMS-Exec®, Endo-Exec®, and Multi-Exec™. Each of DSN’s practice management software solutions integrates perfectly with the leading technology providers in their respective fields. They work seamlessly within today’s complex IT environments. For OMS, Perio, and Endo practices, this includes an optional fully-embedded Electronic Medical Record (EMR) that sets the standard for today’s fully digital practices.
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